X-Ray Machine

A C-arm fluoroscopy X-ray machine is a crucial medical imaging device used primarily in surgical and interventional procedures. This sophisticated equipment derives its name from its C-shaped arm, which can be easily maneuvered around a patient to capture real-time X-ray images.

C-arm fluoroscopy machines employ a continuous X-ray beam to generate dynamic images, allowing Dr. Maxime Debrosse to visualize internal structures in real time. The key components of a C-arm include an X-ray tube mounted on one arm and an image intensifier on the other. The X-ray tube emits X-rays, which pass through your body and are detected by the image intensifier. This intensifier converts the X-rays into visible images displayed on a monitor for immediate interpretation.

One of the primary advantages of C-arm fluoroscopy machines is their versatility. They can be used for diagnosing fractures, placing catheters and performing complex surgeries when necessary. Additionally, their real-time imaging capability reduces the need for exploratory surgery, leading to shorter recovery times and improved patient outcomes.

C-arm fluoroscopy X-ray machines are indispensable tools at Relieve-Pain and Spine Center, providing our physician with vital, real-time imaging to enhance his diagnostic and interventional capabilities and give you the pain relief that you need. Contact our office at 689-208-4848, where Dr. Debrosse can use the fluoroscopy X-ray machine in Mount Dora and Orlando, Florida, to diagnose your pain and get you the treatment you need.