Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Pelvic pain syndrome is a chronic condition characterized by persistent discomfort in the lower abdominal and pelvic regions, as well as the SI joints, typically lasting more than six months. It is a challenging condition that can have physical and emotional ramifications, including sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression and sexual dysfunction. Understanding the potential causes of pelvic pain syndrome is essential for effective clinical treatment.

Diagnosing this condition begins with a thorough physical examination, symptom review and a patient’s medical history with Dr. Maxime Debrosse. Additional diagnostic tests like laparoscopy, ultrasound, colonoscopy, cystoscopy and CT scans may be conducted. Sometimes, tissue samples are taken for further analysis.

Once we understand the cause, the approach to treatment can vary widely from lifestyle changes to SI joint injections conducted by our physician. However, when the cause remains unknown, the focus shifts to symptom management. This often involves pain medication, hormones, neurostimulation or even antidepressants. Physical therapy can be beneficial, especially in strengthening pelvic muscles and alleviating symptoms. Our physician can provide the comprehensive, non-invasive treatments you need to find pain relief without the need for surgery.

Our dedicated physician and team are well-equipped to evaluate your condition, offering comprehensive diagnostic assessments and personalized treatment plans at Relieve-Pain and Spine Center. We strive to alleviate your pain, addressing both the physical discomfort and the emotional toll it can take. Let us help you achieve a better quality of life with pelvic pain syndrome treatment in Mount Dora and Orlando, Florida. Call 689-208-4848 to schedule your treatment today.