Treatment for Hip Pain in Mount Dora & Orlando, FL

Dealing with hip pain requires careful clinical attention to ensure effective relief and improved mobility. Hip pain can stem from various causes, such as arthritis, muscle strain or injuries like fractures. At Relieve-Pain and Spine Center, our approach to clinically treating hip pain focuses on personalized care.

Personalized Treatment for Hip Pain

During your visit, Dr. Maxime Debrosse will conduct a thorough examination, which might involve physical tests and, if needed, imaging scans like X-rays. These steps help our physician pinpoint the exact source of your hip pain. Once diagnosed, we will work closely with you to create a tailored treatment plan.
Treatment options may include pain management techniques, like over-the-counter pain relievers, rest and gentle exercises. For more complex cases, we might recommend physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint, which can aid in pain reduction and enhance overall mobility.

Advanced Interventions for Hip Pain

In cases where conservative methods do not suffice, we will explore advanced interventions, including injections or, if necessary, surgical procedures. Our priority is to alleviate your hip pain, enhance your quality of life, and get you back to your daily activities comfortably. Do not let hip pain hold you back —our clinic is here to provide compassionate care and effective solutions for your hip pain in Mount Dora and Orlando, Florida. Call 689-208-4848 today.