Spine Injections & Procedures

Spine injections are powerful tools used to ease back and spine pain and discomfort. They are like targeted pain relief superheroes for your spine. Imagine your spine as a highway of nerves, and sometimes, those nerves can get irritated, pinched or inflamed, causing pain. That is where spine and steroid injections come in. These injections are like precise deliveries of medicine or anesthesia right where it is needed most and are delivered by Dr. Maxime Debrosse.

A tiny needle is used to inject medication into the exact spot causing your pain. There are different types of spine injections which our physician will choose the one that is best for you. We offer the following injections:

The relief is not always instant, but it is worth the wait. Over a few days or weeks, you will often feel a significant reduction in pain, and sometimes, it might even go away completely.

Spine injections are typically considered when other treatments, like physical therapy or medication, have not provided enough relief. They are a safe and effective option for managing spine-related pain, and many people find them to be life-changing.

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