Epidural Injections

Epidural injections are a common medical procedure used to relieve pain, especially in the back and legs. They work by delivering medication directly into the epidural space, a region near your spinal cord. This medication typically includes a combination of anesthetics to numb the area and steroids to reduce inflammation.

Getting an epidural injection in Mount Dora and Orlando, Florida, is similar to receiving a shot, but it is usually done in the lower back. Dr. Maxime Debrosse will use a tiny needle to carefully insert a thin tube called a catheter into the epidural space. Once it is in the right place, they will inject the medication. You might feel some pressure, but it should not be too painful.

The effects of an epidural injection can be quite impressive in the way it can provide relief from chronic pain. Many people experience reduced pain within a few days, and the relief can last for several months.
While epidural injections are generally safe, there can be some minor risks and side effects, like temporary soreness at the injection site.

In summary, epidural injections at Relieve-Pain and Spine Center are a simple and effective way to manage pain, offering relief for various spinal conditions. If you are experiencing persistent pain, talking to our physician about this treatment option could be a step towards a more comfortable life. Call 689-208-4848 to schedule your appointment today.